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Merkez yacht proudly shares valuable information about the latest updates in the yacht brokerage network where we are a reputable member and we update our sales portfolio constantly to carry out marketing operations in coordination with the worldwide yacht brokerage network. We feel very much responsible when responding to our clients concerning our motor yacht for sale portfolio.

Motoryacht For Sale

About Motor Yachts

We offer different sizes and alternatives either epoxy laminated wooden, fiberglass, composite, steel or aluminum, and probably a combination of all these materials which are being commonly used in modern boatyards  The interior designs are widely innovated and are very comfortable offering the latest technology with modern furniture.  We assure you that one of our motor yacht for sale be able to fulfill your expectations and we certainly have what it takes to handle when it comes to motor yachts either a small crunchie or motor yacht for sale.

Motor Yacht For Sale

We advise our clients to do a test before pouring a lot of money into the vessel that they choose. If you have already been a vessel owner, then you know what you need to test. On the other hand, if you have never been so, our captains can help you carry out a test to the vessel you have chosen and maybe they will support you to have a free trial on board when certain about your motor yachts for sale.
You can call us to arrange the meeting in which you are going to see your vessel in person. In summer, we need to make this arrangement at an appointment because summer is very crowded and we need to arrange this in advance. You can also send us an email for your own inquiries that concern your motor yachts for sale even if you are thinking about building a custom-built motor yacht.