Motor Yachts

it is known by  everyone who owns a motoryacht that to keep her in pristine conditions and you need a good permanent crew aboard to maintain her in perfect conditions either for private use or charter in mind.
there is nothing better than a well organized , well maintained yacht to get an exclusive luxury motoryacht charter service since you donot have to invest millions of euros while you only need her for a week or two during summer and it comes cheaper to motor yacht charter a yacht than own her , as  well as less stressfull…

Motoryachts Charter

we  professionally  intermediate between head owners from the first hand and the qualified motoryachts charter since it is not that easy for a yacht owner to attend and/or entertain each and every one who claims to be a genuine broker or charterer.
we prescreen potential clients and bring only qualified clients to yacht owners,  meantime we can offer the best possible alternatives for your specific needs that you donot have to fish for the right boat or the right price in the ocean alone.  We have categorized our portfolios in three sections  and sorted them out as per their classification where you are offered to choose amongst many of them.

Motor Yacht Charter

We can arrange your cruising in the Turkish Mediterranean on board of one luxury motoryacht charter. We have uploaded more than three thousand motor yacht charter that are professional and can do the job for you! You need to consider the number of your guests and the time your vacation starts.
Then you can call us in order for our agents to check that the vessel is available at the same time your cruising starts in the Mediterranean. You need to take into your consideration that the earlier you book, the better your opportunities will be.
You need to make your decision much earlier since the motor yacht charter are usually booked by our customers three months prior to the specific time of the vacation. Your email will be answered once received.