Weekly Yachts Charter

Weekly Yachts Charter

In our portfolio, you will come across hundreds of luxurious gulets that you would definitely like to have one of them for your coming holiday. If you are thinking of having a weekly yachts charter as a kind of wonderful cruising for the sake of adventure and excitement, then this is the right place where your dreams can come true!

Living luxury in the laps of the gently wavy sea is similar to be in a fit of imagination especially when you are in the company of your lovely ones or lovely friends or even your own family. Make your decision as soon as possible since charterers have already started to reserve before the season starts in July and August.

Technology Of Yacht

Weekly Yacht Charter

Your luxury gulet charter will not be regretted since all of our gulets are built according to state-of-the-art technology and are also equipped with air conditions. The new generation of gulets is brilliant and you can discover more by checking our portfolio or when paying us a visit to Turkey so that you can have a look at your gulet in person then have a nice time on board.
These gulets are first made in Turkey so that the Turkish gulet is of the highest performance among all definitely. This luxury weekly gulet charter can reach up to 50m long and more sometimes, with spacious interiors and luxurious cabins. You can have a look at them in our portfolio to see that these gulets are strong competitors even to motor yachts.-Weekly Yachts Charter.