Yacht Charter Destinations Yacht Charter Destinations

The main reason we prepare a Destination page is that one of the most frequently asked questions was where do we go, or where can we go. Where are the most beautiful places? We have been in every one of these places as captain, we have dropped anchor, dive, swam, and been there to see what time of the day it would be windy or secure for mooring.

Best Yacht Charter Destinations

We have to choose the best yacht charter destinations and thus would like to thank captain Adem Temiz and captain Yavuz Porsuk for their generous explanations and poetic descriptions of the day by day, step by step yachting program. We have prepared a yacht rotation generally starting from Gocek However this is just because we are located in Fethiye and if you are willing to start from another port of your choice thence you may consider vice versa.

Keep Ready For Enjoy

Please make sure to have contracted the yacht charter destinations in advance to avoid last-minute discussions or inconveniences,  even though the yachting routes are similar in the same region, still depends very much on the weather conditions and your captains’ decision. The motor yacht or luxury gulet which you have chartered will be your home during that week or two and your captain and the crew will do their utmost for your comfort and satisfaction, so your captain might deviate from the original plan to protect you and the yacht and may change the program depending on the swell or sea conditions.