Yacht Charter Fethiye rout Yacht Charter Fethiye

1st Day: Yacht Charter Fethiye

Yachts are prepared with utmost attention just like brides getting ready for their wedding, every detail, every aspect has been taken care of, the fresh provisions are just brought and ready to set sail. the captain makes his routine welcome speech as you are settled in your cabins. our first stop Gocek Island for a swimming stop, after having warm Turkish tea at 17:00 crew heave up the anchor and we hit the road to spend the night in Sirali Bay. We recommend you to sleep on the deck watching the clear, blue sky, counting the stars in a milky way…

2nd Day: Yacht Charter Fethiye

Destination Oludeniz right after the breakfast, this worldwide known peninsula is under protection that’s why we cannot enter with our yacht however we drop anchor very close not to disappoint you.
the tandem paragliders are landing like seagulls from mount Baba which is 2050 meters high.
the crew and the chef are in a hurry to prepare the best possible Mediterranean cuisine to impress you.
care for a siesta or another swimming in crystal blue waters? since we are heading to St. Nicholas Island
where you may observe Byzantine ruins, ask your captain to take you out with his tender for a walk in the island where we spend the night.

3rd Day: Yacht Charter Fethiye

Yacht Charter FethiyeCaptain proceeds early in the morning to comply with the program without disturbing you.
Yedi Burunlar ( seven points ) to reach Patara with 18 km long unrivaled sandy beach enjoy, if you would like to watch the sunrise please do so, wake up with the crew. We have a good 3-5 hours of navigation, the fresh morning breeze and coffee will remind you how lucky and privileged you are.
After passing fork island we invite you to have breakfast at Yesilkoy, Furnaz bay and after relaxing swimming, we take you to Kas Bayindir bay where you enjoy pepple stone beaches. Right in front of Kas, you see a Greek island called Kastellorizo. Passing Ulu point and the narrow strait you are in Lycia, called Kale nowadays is an open-air museum.

4th Day: Yacht Charter Fethiye

Can’t imagine a better place than Karaloz Bay for breakfast, don’t think twice, just jump in.
Who knows you might never have a chance to this paradise. Vira bismillah crew heave up the anchor, heading Cay delta near Demre. There is so much to see such as Andriake, an early Byzantine amphitheater in Myra. The church of the famous St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) is here. Suluklu beach is so precious. The delta of Demre Cay River is a bird’s nest, it’s worth swimming in the ice-cold freshwater.

5th Day: Yacht Charter Fethiye

Since you’re getting used to wake up at sea and jump into the fresh, crystal water straight from the bed, which is very healthy. The breakfast is rich and served while you were swimming, enjoy your breakfast with a healthy smile on your face. We gotta hurry to see the walls and remaining of an ancient city dating the 13th century to remind us how powerful the earthquake was to devour the city with its habitants.
The lunch will be served at another bay of your choice after swimming stops we should look for a suitable place to spend the night, captains choice would be overnight at Furnaz Bay, soft and contemporary music accompanied with a delicious dinner from our chef and why not two glasses of icy raki.

6th Day: Yacht Charter Fethiye

This morning you might want to spend a little more time in your bed since the captain started the engines earlier to reach the next stop to serve you breakfast in a calm paradise called Aga Limani, we drop the anchor and you are to jump into turquoise waters again After the breakfast you may take a walk in the vicinity or keep swimming in this unrivaled beauty of Aga Limani, lunch will be served here and after a dire strait, you are back to gorgeous Gocek bays. later on, heading to batik Hamam another piece of paradise where you may enjoy the beauty of other luxury Turkish gulets on charter.

7th Day: Yacht Charter Fethiye

Don’t we always think that the time is passing so far, in blue voyage on a yacht charter Fethiye you might feel that time is passing like a blink of an eye, however, they say the best part of the holiday is to return home with a golden tan.
you have so much to tell and so much to share with your friends and family when you are back home.
After breakfast the soft breeze will be nourishing our sails, lets heave up the anchor and kill the engine for smooth sailing to Pig Island, how about lunch and a siesta here till 17:00 tea time then we should go to another bay to overnight in Boynuz Buku ( horn bay ) where the rich tones of green are competing with each other to spend the night. if you like fishing you came to the right place, we have fish for dinner most luckily, The night is still young with whispering winds.

8th Day: Yacht Charter Fethiye

After breakfast, you might be packing up your luggage, exchanging e-mails with the yacht crew, and maybe the most difficult part is to say goodbye, who knows the world is small and it would be great to return to Turkey for another awesome holiday.

Life is only a gaze for us
the Ceyhun river is our tears
hell is our nightmare,
heaven is our joys…